Culture and Power Just Minutes From the Doorstep of Marriottsville MD

If you are looking for a place that is just dripping in elegance and refined culture, you need look no further than Marriottsville MD. Located within the confines of Howard County and smack dab in the middle of the Baltimore-Washington DC metropolitan area, Marriottsville Maryland is the epitome of first-class culture.

However, it’s important to note that while this is a very affluent area of Maryland, it is by no means “snobby.” In fact, Marriottsville MD residents have launched a campaign to show just how civil and cordial they can be. The Howard County “Choose Civility” campaign is geared towards reminding residents to always be kind and courteous toward others. Residents sport bumper stickers on their cars, reminding them – and their fellow residents – of their pledge. This kind of awareness makes Marriottsville Maryland one of the most downright nice locales in America.

Its central location between Baltimore and Washington DC gives residents access to city living. However, most residents prefer the laid-back appeal of Marriottsville Maryland, which has its own brand of culture within the county limits.

For example, patrons of the arts can take in the ballet at the Ballet Royale Institute of Maryland in nearby Columbia, MD. The Institute puts on a number of performances annually, including a stunning rendition of the Nutcracker during the holiday season. Marriottsville Maryland residents also are big supporters of The Chesapeake Shakespeare Company, which was founded in 2002. Performances are held at the Howard County Center for the Arts, located in neighboring Ellicott City, mere minutes from the heart of Marriottsville. MD.

Marriottsville MD residents like to read, with 95 percent of people living in Howard County holding library cards. This could be because the Howard County Library was listed as No. 1 in the country in 2005 by Hennen’s American Public Library Ratings.

If you have a sweet tooth, it might interest you to know that Howard County is home to the largest ice cream plant in the country. The 700,000 square foot Dreyer’s Ice Cream facility is owned by Nestle and is one of the largest employers in the region.

Columbia is a sight to see in itself. This planned community was first developed in 1967 and was the first of its kind. Around 100,000 homes were built in this area and, to date, it is the first and one of the most successful planned communities like it.

If its more excitement you crave, a 20-minute drive into Washington DC puts you in the midst of the nation’s powerhouse. There are more restaurants and museums to see in DC than could possibly be done effectively in one trip. Between visiting the White House to sampling some of Washington’s most famous eateries, you will be more than happy to make the quick trek back to Marriottsville Maryland and relish the slow, civil way of life found here.